1 in 5 Vancouver Kids go to School Hungry


Vancouver Firefighters believe that no child should go hungry in a Vancouver School. With this in mind, VFC partners with the Vancouver School Board (VSB) to provide nutritional support to kids and families who need our help. Our Snacks for kids program provides nutritional support to 5,000 food insecure Youth. we are operating in over 60 Vancouver schools and after school programs. This equates to our volunteers delivering over 350,000 snacks per school year.

Snacks for Kids distributes food discreetly through an accessible distribution system that allows the child to participate anonymously without fear of humiliation or being judged by peers.

snacks for kids

VFC strives to provide the most nutrition for a student through a cost effective approach. The ultimate goal is to nourish students for learning. The program focuses on providing healthy nutrient-dense foods that fuel kids for learning.

The Snacks for Kids Program is funded by Vancouver Firefighter payroll donations and by fundraising events. Food support goes only to those children who are not having their nutritional needs met at home or by other support services.

Additionally, Glowbal Restaurant group has agreed to generously donate 1000 freshly prepared meals every month that Snacks For Kids then distributes to 8 different schools in Vancouver. 250 healthy meals are delivered every Wednesday to schools with a large population of food insecure children.
Many thanks go to our community partners who contribute generously to our fundraising initiatives and make it possible for us to reach more children throughout Vancouver.

With your help we:

Provide daily nutritional support that impacts ~5,000 vulnerable kids in Vancouver Schools.

Operate in over 60 schools and after-school programs.

Purchase and distribute over 350,000 snacks per-year to inner-city kids.

Quench hunger and nourish kids in the classroom with single-serving fruit smoothies.

Delivered 2,500 meals during the pandemic to struggling families in their homes.

Be Impactful

Give generously to feed more hungry kids.

Your contribution helps extend the reach of our program. We are a volunteer organization and every dollar donated goes back into our community.

Your donation makes a difference!












Provides over




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Fighting hunger in our city’s schools is a team effort.

Thanks to your support we now serve daily snacks to over 5000 vulnerable kids!

While we are proud of this accomplishment, this is an unfortunate milestone that speaks to the problem of child poverty in our city. Please consider joining our fight against child hunger in our schools.


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