Snacks for Kids

1 in 5 Children in Vancouver goes to School Hungry


Vancouver Firefighters believe that no child should go hungry in a Vancouver school. With this in mind the Vancouver Firefighter Charities (VFC) has partnered with the Vancouver School Board (VSB) to create the Snacks For Kids program which provides food to kids and families that need our help. Currently the Snacks For Kids program provides nutritional support to 5500 food insecure youth in over 60 Vancouver schools and after school programs.

Snacks For Kids focuses on providing nutrient-dense food that fuels kids for learning. We accomplish this through a cost-effective approach where we buy in bulk from wholesalers and keep overhead low by leveraging a capable and motivated group of Off-Duty Vancouver Firefighters.

snacks for kids

Children are able to access this food through a discreet distribution system, which allows the child to participate anonymously ensuring any social stigmatization is minimized. Food support goes to only those children that are not having their nutritional needs met at home

Vancouver Firefighters are also heavily invested in the success of this program, we firmly believe in the value of Snacks For Kids and back that up through close to 90% of our membership enrolled in payroll donations which provides a solid foundation of sustainable funding.

We are deeply aware that we cannot tackle the problem of child hunger alone. Without the support of individual donors and corporate support, we wouldn’t be in a position to support the community like we do.
Midland FYK

Midland Appliance has made a major impact holding monthly corporate Fire in Your Kitchen events, raising funds for Snacks for Kids.


Additionally, Glowbal Restaurant Group has agreed to generously donate 1000 freshly prepared meals every month. Through collaborating with the VSB, 8 schools have been identified that are high need that will receive these meals. Our off-duty firefighters have again stepped up to deliver these meals which are already making a major impact on the lives of food insecure youth. 

With your help we:

Provide daily nutritional support that impacts ~6,000 vulnerable kids in Vancouver Schools.

Operate in over 67 schools and after-school programs.

Purchase and distribute over 350,000 snacks per-year to inner-city kids.

Provide students daily access to a variety of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Provide 1000 fresh meals every month to which goes directly to hungry kids and their families

Your donation makes a difference!

Your contribution helps extend the reach of our program. We are a volunteer organization and every dollar donated goes back into our community.

Thanks to your support we now serve daily snacks to over 5500 kids! While we are proud of this accomplishment, this is an unfortunate milestone that speaks to the problem of child poverty in our city. Please consider joining our fight against child hunger in our schools.

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