Parq Vancouver Firefighter Bursary

Parq Vancouver Firefighter Bursary

Career support

This “Parq Casino Bursary” in partnership with the Vancouver Firefighter Charities is a unique way to support the “for Vancouver” movement. Our city is constantly growing and continues to need brave community members who are willing to pursue a career in firefighting. Our goal is to select the applicant who exemplifies the high standards and commitment required to be a firefighter but has also begun the journey of applying for career opportunities. We understand the difficulties and financial sacrifices applicants make when someone chooses this career path and we hope this Parq Casino Bursary will help bridge the financial gap when applying for a long career serving the citizens in our community.

Thank you so much for all the applications and we will have a winner selected by the end of April. Please look for applications to open again in 2025. If you have any questions please reach out to